WE OFFER OPTIONS for the retail, rental, repair, and remanufacturing of custom equipment. Our skilled technicians are fast, efficient, affordable and build our power distribution centers and boiler houses from scratch. The power skids we produce are designed for any environment or application and are available in any voltage or amperage. Our custom-built boiler houses come with a an optional three-phase 480V Genset—enough to power the boiler, with spare power to use elsewhere—an exhaust stack, a safety shutdown, an electrical control system, and a blowdown system. We also manufacture transformers, mobile HVAC units, traction motors, Baylor brakes, and light towers.

We have rental options for power distribution skids, with or without transformers, from $30-$60/day depending on size and requirements. Lease options are also available. Additionally, we can provide rental options for generators, and portable heating and cooling units.

Personalized bid proposals are available by contacting us at