Our Difference

IN AN INCREASINGLY demanding oil industry, delays and shutdowns are costly. Bottom lines and reputations depend on the ability to meet deadlines and to produce results. No organization can afford repeated or extended interruptions to their operations.

We understand what is at stake. As the premier rig electrical contractors in an intensely competitive field, our reputation and success as a company depend on our ability to repair problems as quickly as possible. Or better still, to prevent them altogether. Minimizing downtime and ensuring the peak performance of our clients’ operations are always our top priority.

With more than 100 combined years of rig-specific technical experience, our leadership team brings an unparalleled amount of proficiency and management expertise to any project. Not only do our technicians and electricians bring their own extensive knowledge to every call, they bring the 24/7 support of our entire team of experts. Having one of us on site is like having all of us.

We pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining only industry-leading rig technicians and electricians. We maintain a rigorous standard of excellence for every member of our team, and our policy of ongoing training and certification ensures that we can continue to meet the dynamic needs of the clients we serve.